Dashco has continues effort and technical excellence to supply high quality products. We are dedicated to product consistency and reliability. Therefore we use high quality glass tubes manufactured by internationally well-known manufacturers such as Schott and operate with most modern production machinery.

Our company’s highlights are:

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.
  • GMP class C Certified.
  • Automatic online visual system control incorporated on the machines to ensure geometric precision as well as rejecting products with visible defects.
  • Professional trained QC team to conduct Incoming material, process and final product control and defect analyses.
  • On site laboratory equipped with precision instruments to perform the required physical, chemical, particles and cosmetic defect tests according to USP, BP, EP and ISO standards.
  • Traceable data records from receipt of raw material to the dispatch of final products.
  • Chemical and physical certificate of analyses provided for each consignment.
  • Continues training of QA staff.

Our long experience in the glass industry together with the highly experienced dedicated team is available to meet your requirements.