Dashco manufacturers high quality glass ampoules from 1 to 30 ml, using type I borosilicate neutral glass tubes made by international well-known manufacturers. Our ampoule designs are according to ISO 9187-1: 2010 and can be customised according to customer requirements. In General we manufacture flint (clear) and amber glass ampoules in the following forms:
  • Flame Cut (Straight – stem) Ampoules (Type B)
  • Funnel Top Ampoules (Type C)
  • Closed Ampoules (inside positive pressure) (Type D)
  • Marzocchi Ampoules (Type E)
Dashco has European made ampoule production machines and each machine has the following specification:
  • Continues online cutting, glazing, optical visual control, annealing and packing.
  • Customised Ceramic one or two colour printing using heavy metal free inks
  • Colour Break Ring (RB)
  • Colour Identification Rings (RC)
  • One Point Cut (OPC)
  • Type D Ampoule production with incorporated positive pressure
  • Uniform distribution of heat during annealing process, thus relieving stress from ampoules
  • Automatic rejection of defected products